Meet VSG

Meet VSG

As the first Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) dedicated to healthcare purchased services, we help hospitals categorize spend, identify savings opportunities, and ultimately, reduce costs.

There is no cost to join Valify Solutions Group and hospitals can start by accessing a single contract and then expanding into additional categories where you find value.

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Spend Analytics Technology

Get Spend Data Insights to Quickly Identify Opportunities and Capture Savings

Our Technology

Valify Solutions Group’s expense management technology, first introduced in 2014, continues to be the cornerstone of identifying purchased services savings opportunities and realizing savings for our members. Our powerful data categorization and expert quality control measures quickly and accurately cleanse your health system’s entire AP spend data to identify competitive contracts within our portfolio. Members learn the full scope of their purchased services expenses and can quantify actual savings to their bottom line.

With proprietary benchmarking analysis, market share insights, and prebuilt category-specific RFP templates, Valify Solutions Group’s purchased services expense management technology provides a proven end-to-end solution for organizations to proactively manage expense, increase staff productivity, and realize significant savings.

Our Spend Analytics Offerings

Immediate Insights

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Learn more about complete spend visibility, a custom Purchased Services Assessment, Checkpoint benchmarks, and contract management solutions.

Accelerated Sourcing

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Learn more about PinPoint Benchmarks, eRFP, and Vendor Market Share

Sustainable Savings

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Learn more about tracking the impact and progress of your initiative with our WorkPlan tool.


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Learn more about the new Valify Diversity Module!

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