Meet VSG

Meet VSG

As the first Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) dedicated to healthcare purchased services, we help hospitals categorize spend, identify savings opportunities, and ultimately, reduce costs.

There is no cost to join Valify Solutions Group and hospitals can start by accessing a single contract and then expanding into additional categories where you find value.

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Accelerated Sourcing

What if your next sourcing event was quick, informed, and painless?

Quick, informed, and painless are not typically words used to describe the average purchased services sourcing event. That’s because sourcing for purchased services can be extremely difficult due to category-specific pricing models, no item numbers, services being primarily fulfilled by local vendors, and purchases off-PO most of the time. Valify Solutions Group’s technology will change the way you source.

PinPoint Benchmarks

Unlike products that are associated with standard catalog numbers and units of measure, purchased services has historically been difficult to benchmark.

With an unrivaled, content-rich database of over $460 billion in total spend and over 1,400 hospitals across the nation, Valify Solutions Group provides the industry’s widest and most detailed benchmarks to give clients the confidence to negotiate the most competitive service rates in their market.

Valify Solutions Group’s PinPoint benchmarks deliver insights which are calculated using not only unique price points but also a wealth of operational metrics. These operational metrics can include geographic considerations, frequency of utilization, unique category and/or facility requirements, and other market conditions. PinPoint benchmarks identify exact units of measure where savings can be obtained and provide actionable data that can improve negotiations with vendors.

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Streamline the RFP process with Valify Solutions Group’s Sourcing Collaboration Suite. Our Sourcing Collaboration Suite empowers faster RFP authoring, easier vendor management, and better decision-making – all within the Valify Solutions Group Spend Analytics platform.

  • Access our library of customized RFP templates with category-specific SOWs and terms and conditions
  • Simplify your communication with vendors through our Vendor Messaging Center
  • Quickly identify and select vendors through our centralized platform
  • View proposal responses side-by-side to accelerate the review process.

Vendor Market Share

Gain detailed visibility and analysis on over 550,000 vendors spanning 1,200+ unique purchased services categories. View your market share per vendor compared to your peers’ market share with vendors. Identify the top national, regional, local vendors utilized within the Valify Solutions Group client base.

Health System Saves on Regulated Medical Waste

  • Utilizing Valify’s proven Purchased Services Assessment (PSA) to identify cost savings opportunities, a mid-sized IDN in the Northeast found that their Regulated Medical Waste spend per staffed bed was above the 75th percentile in Valify’s KPI benchmark spend database
  • The client provided Valify with their Regulated Medical Waste contracts to receive a vendor-specific benchmark
  • Analysis through the Valify category benchmarking process revealed inconsistent pricing from the same vendor across multiple facilities within the system.
  • The health system saved 22% on their regulated medical waste expense

How Does it Work?

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